In the cooperation program with the US Embassy, Vinh University received Kelsey Anne Evans to work from August 2018 to June 2019. In order to strengthen the training of the Foreign Languages Department, Vinh University has registered an application requesting experts to teach English at the US Embassy in early 2018. After reviewing profile and ability to provide experts, Regional English Language Office, US Embassy decided to send Ms. Kelsey Anne Evans to teach at Vinh University from August 15, 2018 to June 15, 2019 .

The English Language Fellow Program is an academic exchange program of the US Department of State. This program annually provides about 200 English Specialists to help improve English teaching capacity in countries with US partnerships. These experts are US teachers and lecturers with a Master's degree in English Language Teaching for speakers of other languages (TESOL) and at least 02 years of English teaching experience. The American English specialist is experienced in training teachers and is often invited to work at universities and colleges in the host country for 10 months. American English expert selected by US Georgetown University under mandate of US Department of State. Since 1996, there have been more than 50 American English Professionals working in Vietnam.

Ms. Kelsey Anne Evans holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in English Teaching (TESOL) at California State University. Ms. Kelsey Anne Evans has more than four years of experience teaching English at the University and is currently an English lecturer of several universities in the state of California. Kelsey Anne Evans' main mission is:

- Teach English communication skills and English teaching methods to students of English Education of Vinh University's Department of Foreign Languages.

- Support the development of curriculums, writing teaching materials/textbooks for English majored students of the Department of Foreign Languages, Vinh University.

- Support professional development activities such as participating in or directly conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, extracurricular activities and participating in scientific research with lecturers and students of the Department of Foreign Languages, Vinh University.

- Participate in training programs for general English teachers organized by the Department of Foreign Languages, Vinh University.

Here are some photos in the meeting of the representative of the Department of Research and International Affairs and the Department of Academic Affairs with Ms. Kelsey Anne Evans to exchange teaching and support activities related to English:

Written and photos by Nguyen Hai