The content of the agreement includes:

I. Faculty Exchange Program

Both institutions shall send the teachers with expertise needed by each, run a training course for each other, conduct scientific research, experience sharing or technology transfer. The travel expenses, salaries, accommodation and other expenses shall be agreed according to specific situation.

II. Student Exchange Program

1. Language, undergraduate and graduate training:

The two institutions have agreed to receive each other's full-time students according to the following terms and condition:

1.1. Regarding the curriculum, training contents by VU and RMU with the same academic credits, VU and RMU shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the academic credits earned by their students and / or staff members participating in any program pursuant to or subject to this Agreement are transferable.

1.2. The two institutions shall jointly train undergraduate students of English according to 2+2 mode; that is, the students will study at their home institution for two (2) years and the other two years at the host institution. The bachelor's degree will be granted and signed by the host institution. The specific terms of the training programs and courses to be studied shall be discussed, approved and detailed in annual academic contract by both institutions,

1.3. VU welcomes RMU students of Vietnamese or other disciplines to study at VU, in case similar to joint degree programs according to annual specific contract.

1.4. RMU welcomes VU students of Thai or other disciplines to study at VU, in case similar to joint degree programs according to annual specific contract.

1.5. The host institution shall arrange student admission, visa application assistance and accommodation at the dormitory for students in exchange program.

2. Cultural and Academic Activities

VU and RMU shall send their staff and students to each other's institution for the purpose of language practice on the short-term basis, exchange, fact-finding, etc. The host institution shall be responsible for issuing necessary documents for visa application, transportation within the host country. The other costs depend on particular annual contract between the two institutions before dispatching their students and staff.

III. Teaching Materials and Scientific Research Information Exchange

The two institutions shall exchange teaching materials and scientific research information at their discretion according to their conditions. These documents shall be exchanged free of charge and used for teaching and researching of each institution. They are not used for business purpose.

IV. Organizing Visiting Delegations

In order to ensure the full implementation of this Agreement, VU and RMU shall send their delegations to the counterpart institution to inspect, to assess the cooperation in previous academic year and to promote cooperative activities in the next year. The number of people in each delegation shall be from four to six, and for a period of five days or less. All related costs shall be covered by the sender.