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16:21 23/12/2016

Student exchange between Vinh University and the University of South Florida in 2016

In the cooperative program between Vinh University (VU) and the University of South Florida (USF- USA), from July 17-29. 2016, a delegation from the USF including three professors and 15 students visit Vinh University and hold cultural activities at Vinh University.

The USF previously invited 15 VU’s students to join these activities. The program focuses on lectures participation and implementation of research on culture, society, compared sociology, sustainable energy; on volunteering activities and visits to famous landscapes and monuments in Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh Provinces. The language used in this program is English.

Traditionally, Vinh University recruited students with appropriate English proficiency (at least at level 3 in CEFR applied in Vietnam) with high responsibility, good behavior, good study capacity and willingness to take part in all involved activities.

Today, July 18, 2016, all students participate in the first lectures assured by USF’s professors in Hung Binh campus of Vinh University. Prof. Frank Biafora gives lectures on culture, students ebulliently present their opinions and experience in the field and their cultural identity. Just after Prof. Frank Biafora, an other topic on the evolution of scientific thinking leading to technology today.

This cooperation was firstly established and developed in 2007. The USF annually selects from 10 to 20 students to come to Vietnam and Vinh University to carry out the expected exchange. From this program, a number of students from USF achieved very good performance in research at institutional and national level in the United States of America.

Here are some first pictures:


Written by Nguyen Hai, Photos by Dinh Phan Khoi


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